Our Ice Creams

We serve only the very finest Ice Creams and delicious Sorbet direct from a local, artisan dairy.
So if you are looking to hire a Wedding Ice Cream trike - you have come to the perfect place!

Trust us when we say this really is the best Ice Cream we have ever tasted.

Special Diets:

We have labelled each flavour accordingly, as to whether it is suitable for Gluten Free (GF), Lactose Intolerant (L), Vegetarian (V) or Vegan (VG) diets.

If you have any other specific enquiries about the suitability to your diet, please ask and we shall do our best to help. 

Ice Cream Flavours...

Very Vanilla:
A rich and creamy flavour that will melt in your mouth. A classic favourite!

Wild Strawberries & Cream:
A blend of succulent strawberries and luxury Ice Cream.

White Mint & Chocolate Crisp:
Fine white mint blended with crunchy chocolate crisp.

Heavenly Honeycomb:
Made using pure homey off the dairy farm.
A dreamy and simply scrumptious Ice Cream for all Ice Cream connoisseurs.

Rum & Raisin:
Juicy raisins soaked in rum and them folded into luxury handmade Ice Cream.
Absolutely delicious!

Salted Caramel:
A luxurious and sweet delight - lovely and gooey!

Cheeky Chocolate:
A naughty and indulgent treat!

Lemon Curd:
Refreshing and tangy - a perfect springtime flavour!

Chocolate Orange:
Smooth and light Belgium chocolate with a tangy orange twist.

A simple and sweet and exotic treat!

Spiced Apple and Cinnamon:
A smooth and tradition flavour which is very - very - moreish!

Amaretto & Black Cherry:
A sensational treat for any Cherry lovers.

For any coffee lovers out there - this one is devine!

Fresh Milk:
When Ice Cream goes NAKED!
This one is the purist of them all, very smooth and creamy!

Without the apple, this one is a fragrant indulgeance.

Salted Peanut:
A nutty delight!

Sorbet Flavours...


Beautiful rich colour with the taste of summer. (VG. L)


Fresh, zingy and delicious! (VG. L)


Rich, vibrant and so very refreshing! (VG. L)